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Single Shaft Shredder

The single shaft shredder is a widely used type of machine. industrial single shaft shredder 1It consists of a single, solid shaft with square blades bolted into it. This shaft rotates at about 80 RPM, depending on the model, and these blades pass through a bed knife on the base of the cutting chamber. A hydraulic ram continually pushes the material against the shaft of the shredder for continuous cutting. 

The single shaft shredder is an ideal machine for plastics, paper, wood, organic waste a wide variety of non metallic materials.

The size of the machine required for each project depends on the initial size of the material, the number of kilo's, or tons per hour that you need to process, and the final particle size desired. 

The single shaft shredder is almost always used with a screen, which retains the material in the cutting chamber to reduce the material even further. The standard cut on a single shaft shredder is 25mm, that is the size of the cutting blades. When retaining the material in the chamber with a screen, the machines can produce particle sizes of 10mm

industrial single shaft shredder 2

Two Shaft Shredder

7272-industrial shredder 1The concept of the two shaft shredder came from America. industrial shredder chinaThe history of these machines is a little obscure, but we believe the first shredder company ti be Saturn shredders from 7272-industrial shredder 2the USA, as they have been in business the longest, since 1972. These machines can be used to process all types of waste at all types of tonnage rates, depending on the size and power of each machine. These shredders work like chinese paper shredders, they have two shafts, filled with circular, hooked blades and spacers that turn into each other. The machine cuts the material like many pairs of scissors, with infinitely long blades. These shredders are primary reducers, depending on the size of the shredders, the cut sizes will vary from 15mm to 200mm. The shredder makes long linear cuts, just like a paper shredder. This machine is widely used in tire recycling as the first machine in any system.

Two shaft China shredders can be used for paper waste, electronic waste, metal waste, medical waste, tires, wood waste and many more. If you know what size machine you need, please visit our models page to see our selection. I you would like to know what machine would be best for you, please contact our sales team at the following page.

Vertical Shredder

The China Shredder Group - Vertical Shredder or Vertical Grinder:
The Vertical Eidal Shredder is an Original Patented American invention
The China Shredder Group or is one, of only a handful of companies worldwide licensed by the owner of this technology to build and sell in China.v100-400 vertical shredder grinder 3
The only place you can find an Original Vertical shredder in China is here, at The China Shredder Group.
The only place you can find an Original Rasper shredder in China is here, at The China Shredder Group.
The Vertical Grinder was invented in 1966 by Roy Eidal of Eidal Heavy Industries. This industrial conglomerate was put together under the leadership of the visionary Roy Eidal in 1943. The conglomerate was divested and sold to various other companies after his death.
The Burda Family, originators of the Saturn and SSI products added this line to their company in 1983
The design was originally planned to shred scrap metal to make steel frag for the steel industry
The design was made by the Dravo Group of  Pittsburg under the direction of the Eidal Group.
The design originally had a cone shaped tub with a center rotor with a top knocker and grinder rings on a straight rotor assembly
The design has many combinations today, cone tub, straight tub, inverted cone, or a combination of all of these tubs
The design of the rotor also has many combinations today, top knocker, small to large rotor or straight rotor or large to small rotor
The design of the rotor also uses hammers, rings, chain and other mechanical grinding devices like rasper and granulator blades
The machine is very versatile and is used worldwide by General Motors and Merck.
vertical shredder grinder 1The Vertical china shredder comes in many sizes. V50, V100, V150,V200,V400, V750, V1000 and V2000 units
These model designations do not only relate to the power of the machines in HP, but also to their sizes.
One recent adaptation for the Eidal Grinder is the use of the equipment for cleaning tire wire, after it has been liberated from the rubber by the Rasper. The violence of the shredder makes the fine steel particles break off any remaining rubber. The end product can then be screened to separate it from the rubber after it exits the machine.
The V200 and V400 and V1000 series are great shredders for the scrap metal operation and municipal solid mast operation.
There are hundreds of these machines in operation worldwide with great success in Japan for Municipal Solid Waste processing to fuel.
The machines are compact, in comparison to most shredding lines and are built tough for the job